Getting started

Before using your services you must activate your account by following the instructions contained in the received mail on the contact address provided after your subscription.

If you have not received it or lost the mail, ask your customer services to resend it.

connect to webmail, and follow the below steps:

click the Settings link at upper right then click the Edit Profile and choose your preferred language

If you check this option, when you next log on you will only have to enter your User name (your email address), the password field will be automatically pre-filled according to the user name entered.
Warning : we would not recommend using this option for a shared or public computer.

If you are not the administrator, you can ask him to reset your password by using the My Administration Tool link at the top right of this interface

Your mobile needs an email application. Follow the instructions in the FAQ called "how to set up my mail client on a desktop, tablet or mobile."

If you check this option, when you next log on you will only have to enter your user name (your email address), the password field will be automatically pre-filled according to the user name entered.
Warning : we would not recommend using this option for a shared or public computer.
  • <li class="rtejustify• The average period required for the creation of a domain name is 48 hours after registration of your domain name.
  • For transfer requests, the period varies and is highly dependent on the response time of your current service provider in validating the requested change. The average period varies from 10 to 15 days.
  • After validation of the creation or change of delegation, your domain name will be fully operational following a technical delay of 4 days (average propagation time).

For a complete, illustrated explanation, please download the "Mail configuration" document by clicking on the following link http://bit.ly/2fRZ4vy

Otherwise, please follow the instructions below.

You can receive emails from your service using programs available on  your device (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, Email, etc.).  Open your program to account settings and enter the following information : :

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP) - SSL required
    • imap.myorangeoffice.com
    • SSL required : Yes
    • Port : 993
  • Outgoing mail server  (SMTP) - SSL required
    • smtpauth.myorangeoffice.com
    • SSL required : Yes
    • Port : 465
    • Identification  required : Yes
    • Use “My outgoing mail server requires identification” and use  the same identification information used for the incoming mail server.
  • Complete name or screen name : [your name]
  • Account name or user name : your complete professional email name
  • Mail address : your complete professional email address (username@xxx.com).  If you have a personalised email address featuring your domain name you must employ your user name as follows : username@your_domain.com
  • Password : your professional email password

You can receive emails from the service on your mobile phone by following this procedure :   

  • On your mobile, go to your Homescreen. Next open the email application.
  • On the Settings page, select Add Account.
  • Enter your My Office email address, password, then click on Enter or Next.
  • Select IMAP account, then Next.
  • Some fields may already be filled out in the « Incoming server settings » page.

    Please modify the following elements :

  • User name : enter your complete My Office address ending in @myorangeoffice.com. If you have a personalized email address with your domain name, you should employ your user name as follows : myusername@my_domain.com
  • IMAP server : enter "imap.myorangeoffice.com".
  • Security type : select "SSL (accept all the certificates)''.
  • Port : enter "993".
  • Select Next.
  • Some fields may already be filled out in the « Outgoing server settings » page.

    Please modify the following elements :

  • SMTP server : enter "smtpauth.myorangeoffice.com".
  • Security type : select "SSL (accept all the certificates)''.
  • Port : enter "465".
  • Check the required  box
  • Select Next and continue configuring options.
  • You can verify the settings from your Inbox by clicking on  < Menu > Account settings.

    Incoming mail options
    IMAP server : imap.myorangeoffice.com
    Port : 993
    Security type : SSL (always use this)

    Outgoing mail options
    Server SMTP : smtpauth.myorangeoffice.com
    Port : 465
    Security type : SSL (always use this)

    As an administrator, you can activate your account, change profile, configure a service, create or delete a user, activate a service for a user, access a service. See corresponding FAQ for more details.

    As a user, you can access your services, change profile. See corresponding FAQs for more details.

    Scroll down to the footer and select the desired language and/or country.

    If you are the administrator, on the login page, click on “forgotten password” and follow the instructions.

    If you are not the administrator, you can ask him to reset your password by using the "My Administration Tool" link at the top right of this interface

    First, you need to be logged in.

    On the homepage, select the desired app in the launcher. A new tab will open displaying the selected service.

    Professional email

    If you are the administrator of the account, please :

    • click on the link My Administration tool at the right top of your screen.
    • click on the Domain Name tab,
    • check if your domain name appears with the status Operational (a delay occurs between the purchase and activation),
    • if so click on the Users,
    • then click the link  Managing mailbox alias
    • and in front of the user finally click on  Add a nickname.
    • Once created you click on the link Change the default alias on the same page.

    Your service is an Internet service that can be accessed from any PC or mobile connected to the Internet. Ask your mobile operator for roaming data prices.

    An alias is an email address which is different from your principal address and will redirect emails back to your principal email address.
    You can create up to 100 aliases for each principal email address.
    example :  contact@mycompany.com and info@mycompany.com are aliases of sales@mycompany.com
    When a client or prospect sends an email to one of these addresses, you will receive it in the inbox of sales@mycompany.com.
    An alias allows you to communicate several email addresses and to centralise all the responses in one inbox.
    To manage your aliases :

    • Sign into your application.
    • Then click  Services administration.
    • When the page appears, click on Company users, the Manage mailbox and aliases of the user concerned.
    • From here you can add, delete or modify an alias.

    Add an alias

    • Click on Add a new alias.
    • Type the name of your alias, select the domain name you want to associate it with.
    • Then click Validate.

    Website express

    Website express allows you to expand your business on the Internet. By using Website express, create your company’s website and have a professional image. Use the website to show demonstrate, promote and sell your products and services. A website helps you 

    You can create a professional website very quickly because Website Express lets you choose from themes, page layouts and artwork created by web design specialists.

    You need a PC or a MAC® equipped with an approved Internet navigator :  Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 15, or Google Chrome 21 (minimum configuration), Safari 5.

    Contact client service.

    Yes, you can benefit from putting videos on your site that help explain your business or sell your products and services.

    a. I choose the one of the site models that Website express provides.
    b. I choose the graphic theme (colors, logo).
    c. I add blocks of content (text, images, links videos, maps or contact forms.
    d. I publish the site on the Internet.

    Yes you can use your personalized domain name as the address of your website. This will help you build your company’s brand and boost your image on the Internet.

    • To create Emails that boost your image so you can have a personalized email address (ex : yourname @your-company.com)
    • Use your domain name to create website and  make your  website more professional. Have a web address (URL) with the name of your company (ex. : www.your-company.com).
    • Customization of your email addresses (contact@my-family-name.com or contact@my-company.com).
    • Protect your identity and brand on the Internet.

    A domain name is an internet address that gives an easy way to find your company on internet. The domain name must have a maximum of 63 characters (excluding the extension). Examples: yourcompanyname.com , yourcompanyname.be


    • The customer or sales subscribes a local Doman Name to the local registrar
    • The customer or sales sets the Domain Name the Office DNS :
      • Primary DNS : nsmpro1.nordnet.com
      • Secondary DNS : nsmpro2.nordnet.com
      • or
      • Primary DNS :
      • Secondary DNS :
    •  When the the Domain Name is operational (and not before), the customer or we will inform the back-office that the Domain Name is correctly set up (checked by Whois)
    • Back-office declares the Domain Name in the Customer Support Tool
      • Using the same Customer Support Tool screen as for generic Domain Name : see the screenshot in the next paragraph.
    • We will check the configuration
      • If OK then the Domain Name will appear as OP state (operational) in Domain Name tab in CSR


    • Click on services administration. 
    • The label of the button is “Buy” even if the domain name is free or included into the offer.
    • It is very important to give a validated email for the field “contact email adress”, that is an email which is usually used and regularly consulted by the main account (may not be an email from this service).
    • Once the fields are filled in, click Proceed.
    • Check the spelling and click Validate.
    Processing in progress
    • You will receive an email indicating that we have received your file and that we are processing it.
    • This email also describes, where appropriate, any formalities that you must undertake to complete your request


    • You will receive an email indicating that your domain is now operational and that web and email re-routing are functioning


    • You will receive an email indicating that the creation of your domain is impossible (for reasons that will be communicated separately)

    Log into account management.

    Click on the “Domain name” tab.

    Click on “Manage Domain name” next to the domain you want to manage.

    Click “Display DNS advanced settings”


    What's the use of the DNS zone configuration ?

    • The zone DNS is used to configure two services:
      • The personalization of the link to your web site ( A or CNAME record)
      • Managing your  personalized email addresses (MX record)

    What is the A or CNAME record used to ?

    • When you reserve a domain name my-society.com for instance, A or CNAME record allows to link the URL www.my-society.com automatically on your Website . This record is created automatically. It is strongly recommended not to change it.

    What is the MX record used for ?

    MX record is automatically positioned when you reserve your domain name. It ensures your personalised email addresses and your domain name are correctly accepted and sent on our servers. It is strongly recommended not to change it.
    • Because these are two distinct domain names.

    If you have a domain name included with your package, you can activate it or purchase additional ones by contacting your customer service.

    • Once your domain name has been registered with the competent body, you cannot change it.
    • To obtain a different name (for example, with a different extension), you have to register a second time.
    • The administrative contact is the natural person in charge of representing the holder of the domain name. This person is registered with the bodies in charge of managing domain names.
    • You should register as the administrative contact a person at your company who deals with any administrative or technical questions.
    • You can change the administrative contact at any time from the administration portal

    Technically, we rely on our partner Nordnet which handles all of the formalities on your behalf.

    • Connect to the administration portal.
    • Click Domain Name tab
    • Check if your domain name appears with the status Operational (a delay is needed between the purchase and activation).
    • Upon activation of your domain name, you can specify that you want to reuse a domain name you already own.
    • After the usual checks to your registry, your domain name is transferred to us and you can manage it through the administration portal.
    • You can then customize your e-mail addresses and use your domain name to access your website.
    • When we register your domain name with the competent bodies (Afnic or Registers), your details appear as the holder of the domain name. You also appear as the administrative contact for your domain name. The sole holder of the domain name is you. 
    • Duration

      A name of domain is registered for a period of one year. We take responsibility for its renewal by tacit renewal. Even if your service is terminated, you remain the owner of the domain name for the entire one year period.

    a. Up to 5 pages on my website.
    b. Personalization according to my company needs.
    c.  Large choice of existing templates.
    d.  Publish in one of three languages : Arabic, French or English.

    a. All the benefits of the Business Card offer plus :
    b. Up to 20 pages on my website
    c. Publishing a catalogue of my products and services
    d.  A reservation tool
    e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to attract new clients and be seen in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

    Yes you can create a website without special computer skills, without being a programmer, graphic artist, or web developer. You’ll be guided through 4 simple steps automatically.

    You own the name of your site, and only you can use it.

    You can see it through the statistics application in Website Express

    Business card = 5 pages
    Showcase = 20 pages

    Yes to 400 Mb.


    To access your service you must enter your User name (your email address) 

    If you are the administrator of the account, login then:

    • click on the link My Administration tool at the right top of your screen
    • click on the Users tab
    • click Manage Profile in front of the user and
    • click on the Reset Password.

    Warning : communicate the new password to the user.

    If you are the administrator of the account, login, then:

    • click on the link My Administration tool at the right top of the interface
    • in the Users tab, click on
      • Manage Profile in front of the user you want to change or on the
      • Management of mailboxes and aliases.
    If you are the administrator of the account, login then:
    • click on the link  My Administration tool at the right top of your screen
    • click on the Users tab,
    • click Manage Profile in front of the user and
    • click on the Delete User button.

    Warning : the user will be permanently removed and his/her data will be lost.

    You must be an administrator to create a user.

    After logging in follow these steps:

    • click on the link My Administration tool at the right top of your screen
    • click Users,
    • click Create User and
    • follow the stages step by step.

    If you are a secondary user, see your administrator.

    If you are an administrator, login then:

    • click on Account Management
    • a Manage Accounts tab opens
    • click on Acccount Management next to the name of the person whose password you want to change
    • click on Reset Password
    • Validate the new password

    You can create a new user if you are an administrator.

    First, you need to be logged in.

    On the top of the page, click on Account management. A manage account tab will open.

    Click on Create new user, fill in the form (choose login and password). Do not forget to validate. User is created.

    Do not forget to give login / password to the new user.

    This newly created user has an email account. If you want to provide him other services see the FAQ “How do I activate new services for a user”.

    You must be an administrator to activate/deactivate services for a user.

    First, you need to be logged in.

    On the top of the page, click on Account management. A manage account tab will open.

    Click on the service management link corresponding to the appropriate user. Verify that you have enough remaining licenses. Otherwise see how do I upgrade my service FAQ.

    Select the product, check/uncheck the status box, and validate.

    Note: If your user was created less than 10 minutes ago, you might have to wait a few minutes before status box is enabled.

    Speak to your administrator to upgrade a service.

    If you are the administrator, then:

    Log into the service.

    Go into the catalogue, select the product, chose the appropriate option you want to buy. Click on contact us button and fill out the form to indicate which offer you require. A sales person will contact you.

    To see the video click here - https://youtu.be/p1Lu2vVbCX0

    Business Drive

    Once you subscribed, you will have to go to the web portal in order to connect to Business Drive for the first time. First connexion through desktop app or mobile app is not possible.

    Business Drive uses the same credentials as the ones used for other Cloud Pro services.

    Once connected, you can create your first “vault”, which is your virtual drive. You will have to choose a name for the vault, then you will be able to start downloading files, create folders and share them with your colleagues.

    You can access Business Drive from your smartphone Android or Apple, from the web portal or through the desktop application PC or Mac.

    But the first connexion should be made through the web portal.

    Connect to the web portal, click on the login in the top right corner to display the menu, then click on “download client”.

    As a reminder, the Business Drive credentials are the same as the ones used for other Cloud Pro services.

    If you are not the administrator, you can ask him to reset your password by using the My Administration Tool link at the top right of this interface.

    If you are the Administrator please contact your customer care.

    If you are the administrator you will have to use the My Administration Tool.

    Click on « users and permissions” in the tab “files”. Then click on “invite a guest”.

    Two options :

    • Right click on the file, then click on « filelink »
    • You can also access the file directly and then click on « filelink »
    • "Local FileName is Too long" and "Error creating a directory" notifications

    Because of a limitation in Microsoft Windows which does not allow  creating paths that are longer than 256 characters, you might get this notification when syncing data from our servers to your local Vault.

    Business Drive adds an extension to the path/file when it is being synced down to your local Vault, for as long as the synchronization is not complete. When the synchronization is finished, we rename the file/path to its real name.

    However, adding the extension can exceed the path length limitation in Windows and your computer will refuse to create the (temp) file, causing the synchronization not to work properly. The only work around for this is to shorten the filename.

    • “Unable to mount Vault” notification

    Business Drive imports Vaults by creating an encrypted virtual drive in Windows Explorer or on the Mac OSX Desktop.

    This means that the local image file which contains all data will be mounted in your OS. When something goes wrong during this mounting procedure, the Nomadesk notification pop-up window will show.

    Possible Solutions:

    • Disabling your virus scanner
    • Reinstalling Business Drive over your current installation (will reinstall the drivers which mount your local data file)
    • Attaching the external storage drive where your data file is stored
    • When installing Nomadesk on Mac OSX, be sure to install and run it from the administrator account
    • "Action Required" notification

    For some reason, your Vault is no longer able to synchronize. The Vault will show the status "Action Required" next to it on your Business Drive Dashboard.

    You can see the error details in the file sync log:

    • Click on the dropdown menu next to your Vault
    • Select show sync log

    Sometimes copying the file listed in the error message and renaming it solves the problem. It is important to keep your Vault in sync.

    • "Destination updated during synchronization" notification

    This happens when you want to sync a file to a folder that has been removed or renamed. You can solve this by saving the file to a different location or by putting the folders back to their original location or name.

    • “Duplicate file” notification

    Business Drive is not able to synchronize duplicate files that have the same name but differ only in case.

    Business Drive for Mac OS X creates a Vault based on a case sensitive file system that allows creation of duplicate files with a difference in case.

    Example: A file called "My report.doc" exists on your Business Drive Vault. You open the file for editing and save it as "my report.doc". Business Drive detects this file and will alert you that this file cannot be synchronized.

    Solution: Rename or remove the duplicate file from your Vault.

    • “One of your Vaults has been deleted” notification

    A Business Drive notification message is shown at the bottom of your screen which will alert you that the Vault has been removed. You do no longer have access to the vault and the Vault is not shown in Windows Explorer/OSX Finder. The Vault has also disappeared from your Business Drive Dashboard.

    Possible causes:

    • The Group Manager removes you from his guests list
    • TheftGuard was activated. The computer was reported as stolen. If somebody

    (it could be you because you retrieved your computer) would be able to logon to Business Drive on your computer, the data will be destroyed locally. You can simply install Business Drive on another computer, continue working and be assured that no unauthorized persons will be able to access your data.

    Note: A Vault can only be permanently deleted by the Vault Manager. The Manager of the Vault revoked your access from the Vault: If this is a mistake, contact the Manager and ask him to reinvite you. The data on the fileserver will be synchronized again to your computer.

    • "Filename contains invalid characters" notification

    Business Drive is not able to synchronize files with filenames containing invalid characters.

    On the Windows platform there are a couple of characters which aren't allowed in filenames. E.g. the following characters are not allowed on Windows:

    \ / : * ? " < > |


    You create a file with a date stamp to organize your files. E.g. on the Mac OS, you will have a file named "09/03/2009 Status Meeting.docx". When you try to access the fileserver to check out the meeting report on your Windows pc, you will find that it is impossible to download the file because of the "/" characters.

    The solution is to rename the file on the device that uploaded the file.

    • Low local disk space warning

    When there is not enough room left on your local disk where your Business Drive Vault image is stored, you will see a notification.

    You'll also see that you are unable to sync in your Dashboard, the status of the Vault that's located on the disk with low local disk space will also change : it will indicate “Low local disk space”

    To get your Vaults syncing again, either free up local disk space, or move the Nomadesk image file to another disk (or partition) with more space.


    • To free up local disk space : take a look on your local disk for any data, temp

    files, etc. that you don't need anymore and remove it. Don't forget to clean out your trashcan too.

    Once you have freed up enough disk space, you have to wait a few minutes for a disk space check, or you can manually trigger the check:

    Open your Business Drive Dashboard / Tools -> Option / Under “Check for local free disk space” click the “Check Now” button

    • To move the Nomadesk image file :

     Open your Dashboard

     Click on the drop down menu next to your Vault name and select Properties

     Change the Data location path to the desired location

    • Some remarks : the lowest (and default) setting for the threshold is currently 5%

    of free local disk space, you can also change this manually to 10-15-20 and 25%:

    Open your Business Drive Dashboard

    Tools -> Options

    Under “Check for local free disk space”, select the value that you want from the dropdown menu

    • Conflict notification

    Conflicts happen when a file or directory was modified both on the server and the PC/MAC application.  At the initial sync, Business Drive will build up an archive. This is basically an index of your Vault, containing a unique fingerprint of each file, and its properties.

    This happens on both the application and server side. The archive is updated at every sync. At the start of every sync, during the "Looking for changes" status, Business Drive will compare each file to the fingerprint that is in the archives. Based on that, we can detect whether the file has been changed, deleted, added.

     Conflict Types:

    •  File Conflict

    During file synchronization, a file conflict occurs when a file has changed in both locations (source and target) since the last sync, making it difficult to determine which version should be left unchanged and which version should be updated. For example, if you've changed a document on your desktop computer since the last synchronization and also made a different change to the same document on your laptop, a file conflict will occur.

    • Folder Conflict

    A directory conflict is always a conflict where a directory has been deleted on one end, and changed on the other end.

    This change can be one of the following (or a combination): New file added / File changed / File Properties changed

    How Business Drive handles conflicts:

    The nature of our service (i.e., off-line availability of data) does not allow for actual "file locking”. Thus, when a conflict arises, the Business Drive software will pop-up a conflict resolution window to help the user decide upon the most suited resolution: create a new version, overwrite my/her/his version, etc.

    In any event, “conflicts” never pass unnoticed.

    If you have used all your storage space and you have no available licenses, please contact your sales representative to subscribe to another offer.  

    If your Business Drive storage is full and you have unused licenses, you can create one or several extra virtual disks. (one per available license).

  • Go to « Account management » (the link is at the top of the site)
  • Click on « create new user »
  • Choose the login and password you want and save this information for this user
  • Once the user is created (this can take several minutes), click on « Service Management » for this user
  • Check the box on the line « Business Drive » to attribute a license to this user, then click on « Validate »
  • Log in again using the new account that you just created
  • Once you’re in Business Drive, create a new vault then go to « users and permissions » then « Invite Guest » making sure to use the My Office account to which you wish to add the storage space
  • Log in to Drive with this account. You now have new storage space!
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