Why Cloud Pro ?


Growing your business is the priority

Cloud Pro provides you with digital tools to enhance the efficiency of your organization. You can work with your team, communicate with your customers, from any computer, phone or tablet, at your office or on the go.

- Professional Email: create several email addresses for your team.

- Website Express: easily publish your own website to get more opportunities.

- Domain Name: promote a professional image by using your own domain name (company name) in your email addresses or website.

- Polaris Office: create and edit all your office documents (Word, Excel, Slide, PDF) from any computer, phone or tablet and share them with your team.

- Business Drive: create a safe storage drive where you can store all your files, access them anywhere, anytime, and manage what you want to share with your team.


What benefits ?

Easy and intuitive use

All your applications are accessible on the internet. You can launch your applications anytime, even while on the go. How? All you have to do is log into your account from this site and launch the application you want.

The best expertise to assist you

Orange and its partners are at your side to help you and resolve problems promptly. With our trained experts in computer support, you have the level of support of a large company whose core business is focused on new technologies.

Which services are included in my Internet offer?

My Internet offer

Work 1

Work 2/3, My Business 1

Work 4, My Business 2/3/4/5, SME ADSL, Fiber

For whom?

Self employed

1 - 3 users

3+ users

Cloud Pro offer




Business Drive


for 3 users

for 5 users

Polaris Office
(Word, Sheet, Slide)


3 basic licenses

5 basic licences


up to 10

up to 20

up to 30

Domain Name




Website Express

(5 pages)

5 pages)

(20 pages

Buy more:

  • Extra storage capacity and licenses
  • Polaris Office Premium licenses 
  • Mailboxes
  • Domain names
  • Website Express Advanced Edition

Why Orange ?



Best Enterprise Service at the World Communication Awards (WCA)

Cloud Infrastructure Award



Best Small Business Service at the World Communication Awards (WCA)

Best Global Operator at World Communication Awards  for the second year


Best Global Operator at World Communication Awards (WCA)

Best Cloud Service at World Communication Awards (WCA)


Best Cloud Computing Operator at 2012 China Cloud Computing Award (CCCA)


How to use it ?

Nothing is simpler ! Call us or fill out the contact form. Once you subscribe to an application, you only need to log in with your Cloud Pro login and password which you’ll receive by email. By default, user rights are given to the person who has the main Orange email account. This is the account created when you subscribed your internet access offer.